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fairchild ([personal profile] fairchild) wrote2009-05-01 06:28 am
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Yeah, well, you're probably "new," too

So, here I am... on DreamWidth, missing my lj homies, so to speak. Though I am tired of holding my breath every time I post wondering why the hell I said all the terrible things I was thinking in the first place. So, wide, open (not-quite barren?) spaces!

And not a single userpic, yet.

Like they'd find me over here by a userpic.

Or I wouldn't be glad to see a familiar face.

Ah well!
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[personal profile] erinptah 2009-05-05 09:15 am (UTC)(link)
I'm a big fan of importing for the sake of having an off-LJ backup, if nothing else. You can always make all the entries private if you like. (The vast majority of mine are ^_^;)