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Nobody Likes J. Buffet Except for Frat Boys and Alcoholic Chicks from the South!

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anglo-saxon literature, anime, astronomy, batman, being pampered, boat rides, bodies of water, camping, candles, caramel apples, carnivals, cats, celebrations, chalk pastels, classical music, climbing trees, comedy, dancing, dinosaurs, dodgeball, fairies, fairs, fanfic, feminism, fire, four square, free candy, halloween, ice skating, imagination, interview with the vampire, jack-o-lanterns, jumping in leaves, jungle gyms, kickball, laughing, legends, lightning, lightning bugs, literature, live music, luminous nights of snow, lying outside, marlowe, math, mermaids, metacognition, money, mood rings, movies, music theory, nature, nittle grasper, novelties, oceanology, old school cartoons, old school video games, opera, ouija boards, painting, paleontology, paris, parties, penguins, piano, planetariums, playing in the mud, playing in the rain, plays, pools, practicing bad impressionism, pretty things, prose, rainbows, renaissance literature, renaissance playwrights, reversi, roller coasters, roller skating, rose bushes, running amok, sand sculptures, sex, simon and garfunkel, singing, sledding, sleeping, snow igloos, snow lift rides, soaring, speaking french, spraying people with hoses, stories, stupid thrills, summer tea, sunrises, superman, swimming, swings, swiss chocolate, the beach, the sea, the titanic, thunderstorms, théâtre, time travel, toasty marshmallows, trampolines, translating literature, unreality themes, volcanoes, volcanology, warm blankets, water parks, waterfalls, writing, xenophilia, ygo
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